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Water brings healing and life. But under certain conditions, it can also bring havok and destruction. Gutters, windows, faucets, pipes, and drains, all present opportunities for water to build, pool or erode. If the water event is not properly addressed within the first 48 hours, the environment can then progress to microbial growth and amplification. It is imperative to deal with the intrusions and or events quickly, efficiently and professionally to restore the health of your building. 

Image by Kyle Cleveland
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Trauma Scene Cleanup

Mold (including Black Mold)

Sewage Cleanup and Treatment

Animal Dropping Cleanup

Catastrophe Recovery

Image by Max Kukurudziak


Fire is the wild card. Once it has torn through a building and been subdued by the fire department, the building needs to be secured (boarded up) to protect you from looky loos getting injured on your property. Then the work begins to return your building to its healthy state. You will need time to identify the right contractor (if you don't wish to access the stable of reputable contractors within our HBPN). During that process it is imperative to quickly address your contents. Soot and smoke continue to eat away at the molecular bonds of materials long after the flames have been extinguished, so any items that you wish to save must be addressed quickly. Contents should only be handled by a licensed and bonded service provider.

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